23 Things I learned by 23

It’s my birthday week so, I think it’s only right to devote this wonderful week to no one other than me (such Gemini thing to say). 23 has been an interesting year, I am honestly sad to see it close. Not much in my life physically has changed but, where I am maturity wise and mentally….whew the difference. There were a lot of ups and downs this year, but I think I have successfully managed to have more ups than downs. Through the tears I always found a way to smile and felt it was important to share the 23 things I learned in my 23 years

  1. You are your responsibility. No one else can save you but you.

  2. Your biggest supporters won't always be your family members.

  3. It’s okay to relax.

  4. You don't always know the full story, there’s always more.

  5. You can't pour from an empty glass

  6. Being yourself is cool

  7. I like mushrooms

  8. There's always a dark and light side to every situation

  9. People you trust the most will hurt you the worst

  10. Time doesn't stop, even if you want it too

  11. Until you are happy with yourself, you will never be happy no matter where you go

  12. Acceptance and forgiveness

  13. Learning how to not set expectations for others

  14. Consistency is the key to success

  15. Loyalty isn't dictated by blood, relation, or time spent

  16. Everyone and everything serves a purpose. It may be temporary may be lifelong.

  17. Everyone doesn’t have to know everything

  18. Coffee is an adult essential

  19. Therapy is worth the money

  20. Maintaining friendships is important

  21. Loving someone doesn't mean they have to stay

  22. My past doesn't define my future.

  23. You can’t move forward until you let go