7 Best Moments of Year 23

23 has been an interesting year full of inner growth. While it is easy to focus on all the bad and troubles that I faced this year, I want to highlight all of my favorite moments this year instead. To be honest, this list wasn’t easy to make because there are so many small things that happen daily that made this year special. I found inner happiness and I learned how to protect my peace and not allow outside energy to take such a toll on my moods. I am thankful for all of the lessons that I learned and experiences that I have had.

My daughter turned one.

Its been an amazing journey with my baby and she only makes me more proud day by day. Here is the vlog from her birthday party.

I went to Miami for the first time last year.

This trip one of the best trips I have taken. The energy of my trip was so high. It was nonstop shenanigans. I have a vlog of that too, here.


I finally got a new car.

My old car was on the verge of exploding but, I was too fearful about getting a new one. I finally made my big girl purchase and I am so satisfied.Though it’s just a car, it was hard letting my old car go and watching that door of my life officially close

My love for DC grows every trip.

At first I used to be overwhelmed by the thought of the city but, I am beginning to find the beauty in each little sector and love all the different things to do.

Starting my blog.

When starting my blog I was apprehensive due to all the things that I have going on for myself. I was nervous that my joy for writing would soon be turned into a chore and that I would quit. We are a few months in and I am so thankful that I took the leap. I love writing and find so much peace in it. I enjoy the ability to reach people through my words.


Built closer bonds with my sisters.

Over the years I feel like my sisters and I really grew apart, which was really unfortunate because we were so close growing up. This last year, I really put an emphasis on nurturing the relationships and rebuilding them. I feel closer than ever with my sisters now.

Being single.

I was in a relationship for the first few months of 23. The relationship was short lived and I was semi heartbroken to know that the person i thought was my soulmate wasn’t going to be in my life intimately. I am thankful because I learned a ton of lessons through the relationship and I believe it allowed me reevaluate life and get it together.

Overall year 23 was a year full of shifting my mindset and getting out of my comfort zone. I made new friends, traveled to new places, and let go of a lot of baggage. Its hard to believe that another year as gone by already. I am looking forward to resetting and starting a new year. I think 24 will continue to bring many blessings and huge lifestyle changes.

What’s the best thing you learned this year?

Kaleb McAfee