Basic Gift Guide for Mother's Day

It’s the week before Mother’s Day weekend and it can be a stressful time gearing up to spoil that mama of yours. Finding the perfect gift to show your appreciation to the woman who birthed you, your children, or even your parents is a daunting task. There are many routes that you can take whether that be pampering her, creating crafts, or simply spending quality time. The key to this is finding out what kinda mama you are taking on. Before you can even look at any gifts, you need to figure out what she likes. When she has free time is she spending it in a salon or hiking in a forest? Once you think through this it will make picking out a gift 20x easier.



Now this may seem like an uh duh kind of thing. As an adult how frequently do you take the time to create something meaningful for your mom? Hardly ever! It’s just something about handmade crafts that are so special. One year, I made my mom a jar full of 365 hand written notes that either had a memory, motivational quote, or a reason that I love her. It’s something that she still has to this day and she truly loves it. If you have little ones helping you create a craft, go with anything that includes their feet or hands. Kids grow so fast and something as simple as a tiny footprint will break a mom down when she looks back and sees how much mini has grown.

Spa day


Anything pampering related is always a given but make sure it comes with a baby sitting voucher. You hardly can catch a break in motherhood and its thoughtful when someone gives you a gift card for nails or a massage. However, what we need the most is time to actually go get these things done and enjoy ourselves. I would say that when you are giving this kind of gift set up the day for her and agree to watch the kids and handle all the duties that day.


This is the perfect time to buy fancy jewelry as most places have many sales going on. Most moms don't buy things for themselves so a nice necklace goes a long way. My sister purchased a necklace for me last year and I haven't taken it off since. I love it and it’s just something special to have. Diamonds are a girl's best friend.



Go somewhere and do something. Take her to brunch, plan a little get away, or even something as simple as a picnic. Just do something fun to make memories with each other. Moms love quality time, especially if the kids are older. Life gets busy and we can get caught up in it. This is the perfect time to slow things down and enjoy each other's company.

I know these are some of the most basic things to get a mother for mother's day. However, I hope the extra tips will help you execute your gift and have your mom smiling from ear to ear.