How to celebrate Mother's Day as Single Mom

Mother’s day has moms all around anticipating putting on their fuzzy socks and kicking their feet up ready for the peace and quiet that they begged for this year as their gift of choice. Well, we all know for a fact that it’s never going to happen. Mother’s Day is a time to be celebrated and appreciated for all the hard work that you put in throughout the year but, what about the single moms?

Last year was my first time experiencing mother’s day as a mother and more so a single mother. I can't help but to say it was sort of a depressing experience. I luckily had family members step up to the plate and shower me with love and gifts and I am so grateful for them. However, that still didn't fill the void that I felt of wanting a partner to also show their appreciation. I am anxiously anticipating this year and thinking of all the ways that I can make it a special day for my child and I because being a Mom is a gift that we often can take for granted.

Being a single mother on this day will easily point out to you the things that you lack and could cause you some FOMO. When your kids are younger and you don't have someone helping them make you cute cards, breakfast in bed, or anything else you may feel a way when you see other mom’s flooding your social media feeds showing off what they were blessed with. However, this day should not be spent in dread. Sure we all want a break and would love those things but instead of feeling bad about what you don't have, you can take that energy and express gratitude for what you do have. Again, being a mother is a special gift.

Make the crafts yourself

I mean what mom doesn't want a craft of their little ones feet that can be cherished forever? This is the perfect time to spend some quality time with your child and help them make you cute gifts. Sure, it won't be a surprise but you will get to experience every step of it and watch you little one create. What is more beautiful than that?

Go somewhere

This is the perfect excuse to take a little getaway or even just go to the park. Have a picnic, head to the beach, ride bikes, or just sit in your yard. There are numerous possibilities of what you can do or where you can go. Anything is better than sitting in the house complaining about what you cannot control.

Treat yourself

If you are anything like me, you probably have intentions of getting yourself something but have guilt because you feel like you could spend the money on your child(ren).  It is sales galore on this holiday from shoes, clothes, and jewelry. So take yourself to the mall and pick up that necklace that you deserve and don't think twice about it.

Reach out to other Mom’s

I am sure that you know someone else who is in your situation or something similar. Reach out to them and see if you all and the kiddies could set something up to spend the day together. Whether that just be a trip to a restaurant, a spa day if the kids are old enough, or just a movie night with some wine at someone’s house.

Remain Grateful

Use this day to not just appreciate and acknowledge yourself but your child too. I mean they are the reason that your a mom in the first place. There is no need to be sad or down on this day because a situation didn't work out, it is a time to rejoice and be proud of yourself for all that you do. Sure it would be nice to have the validation from others but love yourself enough to be able to fill that void. It is hard being the primary caretaker day in and day out even if you get breaks randomly.

Motherhood is an emotional journey but it one that I would never give back. To all my single mamas out there, I know some days are tough. However, I see you and I am acknowledging you. I hope that your special day is well spent and appreciated.