In my life right now, I am being surrounded by a ton of motivating and inspiring twentysomethings. People who may be young but are actually taking action to reach and achieve their goals. I love being able to talk about concepts and bounce ideas off of each other. Having these people filling up my circle makes me feel less alone with my “crazy” ideas and ambitions.

I was speaking with a friend the other day and he compared life to cigarettes. He stated something along the lines of how your negative actions have the same impact. You can smoke a cigarette and of course you won't die right away but if you make it a habit, you'll wake up a few years from now with wrinkled skin, yellow teeth, and maybe a bad cough. As soon as he said that I was instantly inspired because like duhhhhh that’s a great way to help people comprehend the importance of doing the little things.

We all want to achieve success but are unwilling to break our bad habits or create new positive ones. Being a lifestyle coach and all, I am going to bless you with a list of a few bad habits that you need to break now if you want to reach your optimal potential.

1.Inconsistent sleep schedule.


This one has a bigger impact on your life than you know. Despite your personality type, our bodies like a routine. Regardless, if you can survive off of three hours of sleep, you should aim for 8. Trying to survive and working to succeed are two completely different things, so you choose which one you want to do.

2. Being lazy

Yes, I love the gym and I am not saying that you have to love the gym. However, laying around on your phone all day isn't the best idea. Get up and get active for at least thirty minutes a day. Find something outside that you like to do, go to the gym and ride a bike, walk around the mall….idk find something and get active. If you need help in the gym, I have a workout guide available to purchase that is designed to help people of all levels.

3. Checking your phone first thing in the morning.


This is one of my biggest tips. Hear me, STOP CHECKING YOUR PHONE RIGHT WHEN YOU WAKE UP. Say hello to the people who are actually present in your life first. Express your gratitude for the day and all that you have. Don't instantly wake up and fill your energy with comparisons from social media, bad news stories, or any other random content on the vast internet. Hug your kids or partners first before checking to see what Sarah did last night.

4. Not appreciating your time

This is something that has radically changed my life. We all have 24 hours in a day and it really is all about how you use it. I love that iphones now tell you how much time you spend on certain apps so you can see directly where your time went that week. You all should monitor that and work to cut it down because you could be spending that time elsewhere. Don't be late to events or meetups. If you don't respect other people's time they most likely won't respect yours. Just pay attention to how and where you are putting your time into. Don't be a slave to time, make time work for you.

5. Being a victim


Believe it or not, everyone has their trauma. We are not perfect human beings. It's about how you overcome it because your story doesn't have to be who you are. If you don't like something that has happened to you look at in a different perspective. Instead of saying you are stupid for doing something, express gratitude for the situation because it pushed you to be where you are now. Own whatever you have gone through but release it. Don't constantly tell your story in a negative light because your past experiences do not have to define you. Success comes from taking accountability for your actions and the way that you think. We can't control everything that happens to use but we have full control over our mindset.

I could go on and on with bad habits that you need to break in order to manifest success, but I am going to leave you with the top 5 that have changed my life and mindset. Remember change doesn't happen overnight. Growth takes time and patience. You will fall off your path but it's all about being mindful of when you fall. Find the strength and courage to live your best life.

Kaleb McAfee8 Comments