Make Being Nice Cool Again

You never know what anyone is going through, ever. We have made it cool in this world to be hateful, judgmental, and selfish. No one wants to care about anyone else in fear that they are going to get hurt. Everyone is focused on “matching vibes” or “keeping the same energy.”

What people aren’t realizing is how detrimental that is to themselves. Trying to match energy may protect you for a short amount of time but, you will eventually burn out because most of us have numerous people in our lives. What you need to focus on is maintaining your own energy no matter what anyone else says or does to you. Be careful with your energy, protect it, and value it; stop giving so much of it away to others. The way that someone else chooses to carry themselves, treat people, or simply interact with the world is their personal problem. How someone chooses to treat you has less to do with you and more to do with them. I say that cautiously because you can hurt people's feelings and you should acknowledge it but, they allowed you to hurt them due to past traumas that they have left unhealed.

If you stand true in yourself and who you are, what other people do will not affect you as much. You will not feel the need to match vibes because you know who you are regardless of what someone says that you are or how they treat you. When you reach this level of frequency, you will be able to support, love, and accept people effortlessly. Every judgement or negative thing that you say about someone has more to do with you than it does with them. When you are saying mean things catch yourself and analyze what part of you is unhealed.

I was bullied a lot growing up and I never understood why. I could never understand what I ever did to my fellow classmates to make them hate me and I internalized that for a really long time. Later in life, I found the beauty in it. It put me in a position to stand up for other kids when I saw them being bullied, it gave me the power to befriend people outside of my social circle even if we didn't have anything in common, and it taught me to always be kind because you don't know what anyone is going through.

Make it cool to be nice again. Make people feel great when they leave your presence because you have absolutely NO idea what they are going through when they get home. Smile, be kind, and spread love.