Be Proud Of You

Aimlessly scrolling you hardly see things on social media that really make you think or reevaluate yourself in a positive manner. “When is the last time that you felt proud of yourself and why?” Is the eye opening question I spotted on someone’s story that got me thinking. I perked up with curiosity because honestly, when is the last time that I truly felt proud of myself and showed recognition? The only major moment that comes to mind was back in May of 2018 when I finally received my Bachelors degree. That was huge accomplishment but, even back then it felt surreal. I truly thought that I would never earn my degree. Through college I had all types of obstacles get in the way but that’s another story. Besides that, the only other relevant proud moment would of been having my daughter….nearly two years ago.

Feeling proud and satisfied is something that I struggle with greatly. I think that it’s a problem with a lot of people hence the rise in depression. I don’t have a theory on what social construct we have created to make this happen. I just know for me, I am always striving for more and its problematic. I noticed on Instagram that whenever anyone reaches an accomplishment they like to down play it as if it’s not a big deal. It could be something that they worked so hard for but in efforts to not look arrogant it’s passed it off like it doesn't mean much. It’s time that we own the things that we are achieving and supporting others when they achieve their goals as well.  

I hardly ever feel proud of the little things that I do daily, I only focus on how much better I can do. I have noticed that always wanting more makes it hard to appreciate the big moments. For example, when I got my Bachelors degree I was happy and shocked but I also started saying negative things like “oh well I finally got it after 5 years,” and started comparing my process to others. Instead, I could of just been grateful for that moment, lived in it and appreciated it.

Lately, I have TONS of people reaching out to me. They have been voicing how they are so proud and happy for me. I have people asking me how I have achieved so many goals and manifested everything that I want. When I get these messages, I am always confused because I am like, “What in the world do I have to be proud of? What have I done?” because when I look at my list of things I wish to achieve nothing is crossed off but, that's when the voice in my head directs me to my 2018 vision board. I have crossed off nearly everything on that board and that's something that I have never done before. To see that brought me to a place of awe. I realized that I do have so many tiny accomplishments to be proud of and I am sure that you do as well.

We all get so lost in the what we don't have and forget to appreciate what we do. I have many things to be proud of and it’s time that I stop downplaying my success. It's time for you to own your victories as well. Show them off and wear them proudly.

When is the last time you felt proud of yourself and why? Let me know in the comments!