3 Things You NEED To Crush Your Goals

Goal setting is something that most people attempt to do but, ultimately fail. People get discouraged when they make it half way through the year and realize they are nowhere near completing the milestones they set out for themselves. That leads to one giving up and saying “oh, I’ll try again next year.” This can create a vicious cycle that will result in living an unfulfilled life. With proper goal setting techniques and mindset, you can easily turn your dreams into your reality. There are three things that have helped me reach my goals for the last three years.


One thing that you can't do when setting goals is go in blindly. You need to be clear on what exactly you want to achieve in order to be successful. The more clarity you have surrounding your goals, the easier it will be to make a plan to execute. This is not saying don't dream big but be concise on what you are dreaming up. You can’t just say you want to be famous, you need to specify what kind of superstar you desire to be.


I would say this is the hardest thing to acquire. It’s one thing to dream it, write, and say you are going to do something. It is another thing to get up everyday and work viciously towards your goals. Being disciplined means sticking to the plan that you set out for yourself. If your goal is to lose 20 pounds, that means eating healthy, working out and not splurging on the weekends. You cannot achieve any level of success without some sort of discipline. Setting goals is like making a promise to yourself and when you take action and stick to it, you are ensuring that you won't let yourself down. If you lack self-discipline, you will slowly watch your dreams fall further away. When you give in to your temptations, you are basically telling yourself it is okay to fail. .


There is a fine line between being patient and lazy. Patience is doing the little things everyday to help you reach the desired end result. It is going to the gym 3-5 times a week but, understanding you won't get the body of your dreams overnight. It is saving every five dollar bill and knowing that eventually you will reach your savings goal of $10,000. Laziness comes in when you slack and blame it on being patient. Laziness is eating pizza for 3 days because you don't feel like cooking but, saying your abs aren't there because you are being patient. It’s splurging every weekend in the club and saying your business isn't off the ground because you are patiently waiting for more money to come in.

There are people out here living their dream lives and that should only motivate you to live yours. We all have dreams that are more than achievable. When you set your goals and work hard to achieve them anything is possible. If you desire to work from your laptop while traveling the world, you can do it. Turn your dreams into your reality by getting clear on what you want, maintaining the discipline to get it, and being patient while you work for it.