Top 10 Favorite Social Media Influencers

Social Media influencers are changing the world one selfie or youtube video at a time. Followers have turned the average person into an instant celebrity. Many people are out here living their best influencer life and making millions. I try to stay away from following too many influencers for the simple fact, I don't like to compare my marathon to the facades that often sweep across their profiles. However, there are ten people that I completely stan for their content, style, or simply personality.

 (These are in random order

  1. YourGirlKarly

I freaking love her. She started out as someone whos content I freaking loved to a friend I pretty much talk to daily. She is killing the influencer game and I genuinely love watching her grow. She has a bomb engangiing Instagram, entertaining Youtube channel, and host HeyBitchesPodcast where she talks about all things sexual, influencer, and anything else TMI. 

2. RavenElyse


You must be living under a rock if you aren’t hip to Raven and her little girl Ziya. They are the cutest mommy daughter duo on YouTube! I have followed Raven since Tumblr days and she is probably the most relatable influencer you can follow. She is one that I sometimes think she forgets how popular she is, which leads her to being extremely open and real on her platforms. Right now, she is showing off her beautiful NEW home. She has worked hard and shows that with enough hard work you can accomplish your goals and dreams regardless of your situation. She’s a single mama and is ONLY 25 but, she’s still killing the game! 

3. GoldenFitNic

Well if you follow me on instagram, you know that I am into fitness rather heavily. I love GoldFitNic on there because her body is literally goals. She proudly states how she is training to be an amazon woman and I love it. I get tired of seeing all the “grow your glutes” videos on IG. This woman literally kills it in the gym and I have strong desires to train like her!

4. KendallRae

This girl is literally my favorite YouTuber. I believe that she has multiple channels but I love her crime based one. I literally have binged watched all of her videos maybe 3x easily. They are what get me through work and I find out a bunch of interesting facts. If you are into conspiracies, crimes, missing people kind of stuff, she is the girl to follow! 

5. Jayde Pierce


She is another person that I have followed since Tumblr days. I loved Taz Angels way back when and she actually spent a lot of time with them a few years back. Since then she has really prospered as a mother and business woman. She overs a very aesthetic appeal to your instagram feed and is overall very quiet and doesn't share too much personal stuff these days. She is mainly probably known for her makeup which is something I don't really care for but, I just support her.  Her style is super dope and her overall vibe seems to be fun and carefree. She has a Youtube channel but isn't really consistent with it anymore but her videos are always worth a watch.

6. Demetrius Harmon


While his post provide you with a comedic relief, he is very motivational. I love that he is so open about discussing mental health and helping to rid our society of the taboos of talking about it. He offers exclusive “You Matter” merch to help support his mission. 

7.  CapriCurves


I haven't followed her for long but she takes my breath away with every post. Simply put she is serious body goals. 

8. HxHails


 This is another fitness influencer that I have followed for awhile too. She has blown up on instagram and her body is also banging. I love that she actually engages with her followers and supports them. She does different challenges each month and I think that helps her followers feel connected to her but also motivated. 

9. Snitchery


THIS GIRL IS LITERALLY MY FAVORITE HUMAN. I think I love her so much because she is the me that I wish I could be. She isn’t just another makeup guru and that’s something I greatly appreciate. She recently just killed the gram with some fire bikini pictures but, she typically post herself made up as some of your favorite childhood characters. She also has a YouTube where she just makes random videos about random topics. I like seeing her personality in her videos because again, I think we would be best friends (Snitch, if you are reading this….let’s hang out) 

10. Ajahzifit


I obviously love fitness influencers. Ajahzi seems like such a free and kind hearted spirit. She again is another girl who goes hard in the gym and it shows. She offers glute building videos but you'll see her with five 45lb plates or something insane on the bar that she is squatting. You can tell that she is authentic and her Gymshark partnership further verifies that.  Her hair is also goals.