Millennials Are Quitters: Here's Why They're Leaving Their Jobs

In the days of people being able to internet as a career and live their best lives, companies are trying to figure out how to get millennials to stay and work the dreaded 9-5 jobs. Millennials are said to be abandoning their jobs at higher rates than anyone has seen before. These 1990’s babies are throwing in the towel, hopping on planes, and chasing their dreams. This generation is more willing to quit their jobs to pursue the lifestyle of Beyonce, maintain their mental health, and simply to just be free of the shackles. Corporations are replacing bean bags for chairs, adding pool tables in their break rooms, and teaching their CEO’s all about twitter memes in hopes to keep these beavers in their seats.

 I am one, a millennial. Two, I have held numerous jobs that showed me that quitting my job may not be the worst thing to happen. I will be the first to say that many companies are doing it all wrong. In this day in age, things are changing daily and it is imperative that you keep up so you don’t miss out. So, here’s a pretty thought filled list from experience of why even though you have bean bag chairs, millennials are still quitting.

 People quit people, not jobs


This saying is old and true. A toxic work environment with poor management will send people running straight for the door, especially in the days of taking care of your mental health. This generation is all about positive vibes and if you cant get Susan, the fifty year old women on track, you’ll lose all your new prospects. Listen to your employees, give them a reason beyond a pay check to work for you, and come at situations with an open mind.



 As I just stated, give people a reason to work for you. When people can see the lavish lifestyle that twenty something Kylie Jenner is living in a few clicks of a button, it’s difficult to want to stay in a dead end position. Offer your employee(s) a chance to grow and change. Help to give them the resources to reach their desired success. Capital One is a company that I worked for that was great at this. They groomed their workers to not just be good at their company but, to be great no matter where they go.


Work life balance

 Some companies or businesses expect you to live, breathe, and eat for them. A work life balance is one of the most important aspects companies can have, especially because millennials are traveling at higher rates than past generations. When people are requesting time off don’t give them a hard time.  Allow your people the option to live their lives but, also get their work done. Technology is your best friend in this situation because if you make it so that majority of people can work from home, you wont have to worry about someone calling out and having no work done. Instead, you could have your employees who want to stay home that day work from their laptops.

Phone rules are a thing of the past

Phone addictions are about as bad as cocaine addictions, lets be honest. People are so attached to their phones that they check them in the middle of the night, before saying hi to their loved ones in the morning, and share their new born babies moments after birth. I get why companies say no phones but, I think that only causes problems between the employee and company. People are going to check their phones regardless, even if that means climbing 3 flights of stairs to go on the roof or something crazy. I believe that you will get a more interested and better preforming employee if you allow people to sit at their desk and check their phones, watch youtube videos, or check Instagram at least once a day.

Stop Micromanaging


 Micro management could be said to cause a toxic work environment. No one likes to be micro managed regardless of how old they are. Providing guidance is one thing but, tracking someones every move is another. Stop looking at your twenty something workers as people who have no idea what they are doing and trust them. The more you doubt them the worse they will preform.


This is a tricky time for our society as many things continue to evolve. I do believe that soon offices will be a thing of the past and everyone will be sitting at home in front of their laptops. Millennials aren’t afraid to quit their jobs because there are so many openings, it’s not that difficult to find something. Keep these things in mind when you are curious as to why your Millennial employees keep turning in their two weeks.