Are your expectations stopping you?

We have various expectations or ideas about who we are supposed to be but, it’s not who we really are. When we first enter this world we are pure beings but, as time goes on we are told by family, friends, and society who we are supposed to be. Very few hold onto the carefree spirit and disregard of being judged by others. Most of us allow the judgement of others and our ridiculous expectations for ourselves to hold us back.

If we want to get to our desired life we must realize first which affirmations or limiting beliefs are in the way. This is no easy feat, as many of these learned behaviors and thought patterns were manifested right after we were born. Breaking down years and generations of belief systems of who we are destined to be in this world takes time, patience, and consistency. That shouldn't make you shy away from reaching your goals but, make you eager because it’s possible.

Ask yourself, do you want to continue doing what you are doing, even though it’s not giving you what you need?

We all like to hold onto things and are fearful of change but, without change we will remain unhappy. Sure your life may not change over night but, making little changes daily will increase the possibility of reaching the lifestyle shift that you desire.

We are in complete control of how we live our lives. People do not like to hear that because that makes them responsible for their unhappiness. Once you accept that you are the reason you aren't living your best life right now, the quicker you are to get on the road to make it happen. We all look at the things we want in life but, we never look at the work or risk it’s going to take. You can't sit around and complain about how much you dislike your job but, never take the action to change it or make it so that you don't have to live the 9-5 life. We live in a universe of free will, ask for guidance and you shall receive it. Change comes from within, so heal your trauma first, let go of those limiting beliefs, and go and get it.