Why do you stay in the same prison when the door is wide open?

The lack of inspiration is always saved by a little sticky note engraved with motivation that I tend to place in the most random areas. The amount of sticky notes that I hoard is honestly a problem but, the wisdom that one tiny piece of paper can hold is magical.

Today is a good day, my energy is clear and overly abundant. I woke up feeling creatively inspired and eager. I have spoke about this heavy energy of change that has been following me around and how I am patiently waiting for it to bust. It’s a draining feeling to know you are on the brink of greatness and trying to throw any and everything at the stalking balloon in hopes to pop it, so that the abundant energy can come raining down on you.

Limiting beliefs typically are in the way of my greatness. My crumbled, mustard colored, sticky note reminded me of that. It reads, “We hold on to limitations and tell stories that make us small or appear small. Why do you stay in the same prison, when the door is wide open?”

Take a second, re-read, and think about that.

We spend so much of our days complaining about all the things that we wish we could change or do. We wake up every Monday upset about having to work the rest of the week. We look at the people who have successfully achieved their goals and are living their dream life in envy. We tell ourselves constantly that we cant do something because the cards aren’t in our favor or because it’s hard.

It’s very rare that someone else is telling you that you can’t do something. You aren’t living your dream life because of you and the choices that you have made. Our reality is our responsibility to create. This is a harsh concept that I am learning to accept. I ask myself frequently, “what makes me different from the successful billionaires in the world? How am I going to get there? What do I need to change?”

When analyzing successful people the one thing that they have in common is their belief system. In a world where no one wants to see someone climb to the top, you have to root for yourself. As cliche as it sounds, stop saying I can’t and start saying I can. Own what you want to do and do not be ashamed of it. I realized that all of this time that I have known exactly what I want to do in my life but I was fearful of the judgment or that if I say it out loud people would expect me to do it.

I have found that instead of going through the door that is wide open, I have been looking for every way to avoid it due to fear. If you want to change something in your life, look in front of you. The opportunity to change usually comes with a conscious decision first and then action. Stop trying to climb out of the closed window when they have already opened the door. Let go of fear and chase your dreams, we are all here for a reason and only you known your reason.