3 Day Juice Cleanse Review

After spending almost a week on vacation, my body was a wreck. I felt exhausted and like everything was out of alignment. I decided that it would be a great time to start a 30 day get my life back together challenge. The first step to this was clearing out the toxins.

I have heard of juice cleanses before and have wanted to try one for awhile now. The price point on these cleanses is what has always pushed me away but, at this point I was desperate. I found a pretty decent deal, actually 60% off the original cost, by using a Groupon and a few other codes for my Jus by Julie 3 day cleanse. There were a few other choices on Groupon but, I opted for this one as it is blended juice and not just pressed.


The blended aspect of this brand adds far more nutrients compared to other pressed juices. Jus by Julie blends the entire fruit/vegetable (including the peel and pup) keeping all of the important stuff. These juices are also vegan friendly and non-gmo.

There are a variety of juices that are included. Each day you are supposed to drink 6 juices, one every two hours. On this particular cleanse, you are granted 2 cups of fresh vegetables or fruit and 3 egg whites at dinner time. The juices overall taste decent, I particularly enjoyed the lemonades the most however, they were the least filling. The biggest downfall for me in these juices would be the 18g of sugar that each juice carries. Though this is probably considered natural sugar, I feel like that’s A LOT of sugar in one day with little to no other substance.

There were two things that I was most nervous about before starting this cleanse: how many times I’d be using the bathroom (#2) and being starved. To my surprise, the bathroom was not really an issue other than just peeing a TON. If anything, I feel as though the cleanse made me feel slightly more constipated. (TMI but, OH WELL).

On this cleanse, I felt hungry THE ENTIRE TIME. I think this was partially anxiety of freaking out that I couldn’t eat real food and also just truly being hungry. I broke my cleanse in the evenings because on the first day I felt entirely too sick. My energy was down and I would start to get a headache at the end of the day. The downfall with this is I felt like I would binge eat which is counterproductive.


By the end of the cleanse, just drinking juice throughout the day got way easier. I do feel like my appetite decreased throughout the day and I wasn't thinking about food all the time like I was the first day. I found that drinking water whenever I had the thought of food or simply chewing sugar free gum relieved the urge to want to snack on something.

Overall, do I recommend a juice cleanse? Heck no. Would I do it again? Heck no. It was a miserable experience and the only reason I continued with it was because 1. I paid for it and 2. I am not a quitter. I don't think it really gave me the cleanse I was looking for but I do think it pointed out the bad food that I crave (candy and chips lol). I am unsure if I lost any weight as I wasn’t doing it for weight loss reasons and never checked. My body does look far more toned than it did post-vacation and I dont feel as bloated as I did from all the pasta. However, I’d rather be bloated than just drinking juice for 3 days lol.

Have you ever done a juice cleanses? How was your experience?