25 Things Before 25

Whew! Que quarter life crisis! My birthday has come and left. I am not so sure how If eel about being so close to 25 or to even think I am 24. I feel like I was just 21 a few days ago. It’s a bittersweet thing to think about because what I thought I’d be doing at age 24 is not anything that I am doing. I am proud of where I am but, I also know I have so much farther I want to grow.

  1. Sky dive.

  2. Go to Australia/Fiji

  3. Pay off my debt

  4. Relocate

  5. Read 30 books

  6. Wake up before 6 am

  7. Host a party

  8. Go to New York.

  9. Fly a kite.

  10. Get another tattoo

  11. Volunteer

  12. Hit my savings goal

  13. Create a lucrative side hustle

  14. Land a brand deal

  15. Get a boob job

  16. Meet someone famous

  17. Find friends and go on a girls trip

  18. Take me time

  19. Get better with photography

  20. Express my gratitude daily

  21. Go out of the country

  22. Find a job that I love

  23. Love more

  24. Write every day

  25. Run a 5k.