May TakeAways: Hello June

My skin is glowing, hair is growing, and the smile on my face is only getting bigger as May officially comes to a close. June is my absolute favorite month, as it is my birthday month. Summer is in full effect, vacations are planned, and the beach is patiently waiting for my arrival.

May was a really fun and prosperous month for me. Just like April, it flew by and I can't believe that I will be blowing out 24 candles in the next two weeks. I am closing chapter 23 of my life and I am not sure how I feel about it.

In May, I feel like I smiled, laughed, and traveled a lot. I was BUSY this month and my room is definitely showing that (it’s a disaster). I met some really cool people this month and watched things come to manifestation for me. I still feel like there is this large pending energy around me just waiting to burst and I am patiently waiting for it too. I am going into June bright eyed and bushy tailed. I am feeling extremely optimistic for all that is to come. My main focus for May was experiences and doing things that made me uncomfortable and I have done just that. I am hoping to better balance my social life and gym life in June, as I did feel like I had to choose on or the other in May. Fatigue still plays a small role in my life but other than that it has been a great journey.

I learned my lessons in April and have a few takeaways from this month as well

Social Media is a great tool

I have never been one to meet up with people from Instagram but, this month I said why not. I finally met multiple people that I have “known” for years, in person. The vibe was crazy meeting up with them and I feel like I have made life long friends. Social media really allows you to connect with so many people that you may not have had the chance to without it. I feel as though I have attracted the perfect people into my life as of late.

Champagne is not my friend

I have been debating if brunch is just a trendy thing right now or if I have just reached that age in adulthood where people truly go to brunch on the weekends. Nonetheless, I have learned that champagne and I do not get along. Bottomless mimosas sound great but leave me feeling so sick for days. I will be drinking straight orange juice at any other brunch events I attend.

I love myself

I have become so happy with all that I am. I am feeling confident and proud! There was a time when I felt like a troll without makeup or not wearing heels. I have found that was my way of hiding or trying to fit into an image of what I thought everyone wanted me to be. These days, you will find me with crazy hair, no makeup, and embracing all that I am. I no longer am stressing out in social situations about whether or not someone likes me or not. I go into situations calm and cool, ready to enjoy the day. I am just really loving this change.

Thank you May for all of your blessings and prosperity. I pray that June brings even more blessings, friends, and success. To you reading, I wish all the same for you. Namaste.