My Easy 3 Step Skin Care Routine

Skin care seems to be all the rage right now, I mean I guess it should be? The thought of having wrinkles in Western culture pretty much is the worst thing that could happen (it’s not but that’s how majority of people think). I remember growing up, I always thought skincare was for old people but, I have learned the key is to start early. Social Media Influencers and Celebrities have been sharing their uberly expensive skin care routines which pretty much consist of putting gold on your face and having your maid wipe it off, whilst you drink your wine. I think a lot of these routines are unrealistic for most people who just want to make it a week without a pimple.

For me personally, I have semi-busy lifestyle and do not spend a lot of time on my skin care routine. I like to keep it quick, simple, and to the point. I have never really had trouble with acne and I have normal skin.  These products are what work for me and my lifestyle. If you're interested in a skincare routine that doesn’t take longer than 5 minutes MAX, keep reading.

In the morning, I literally wash my face with water to get the sleep off and hit step three.

Step One: Remove makeup, sweat, and anything else

For this step I use my micellar water and reusable face pads. These two products together give me life, while also saving the environment. The face pads come with a little laundry bag that you can put your dirty ones in and wash once you get through the 16 that come in the package. The face pads are also made from bamboo which also makes them biodegradable. I highly suggest these in efforts to get away from using actual makeup wipes as they produce tons of waste.

Note: if you order these from amazon they do come with a lot of plastic in packaging which. So if you are zero waste, keep that in mind.

Step Two: Wash face


Okay so I only use Cetaphil at night. I like to get my face extra clean after the gym and work. I have used this product since I was old enough to start using face products. It has never done me wrong. I have semi-sensitive skin and this is very gentle. It doesn't feel like much when you put it on your face but once you rinse it off, your face feels sparkling clean.

Step three: Moisturize


I moisturize my face with vitamin e oil. I got this tip from my friend who said her Jamaican grandmother uses this product (I don't remember her grandmother's age, but SHE LOOKS NOTHING LIKE IT). This is the only product that doesn’t make my face oily despite being oil. I have used numerous lotions and I feel like they just sit on my face all day and makes my makeup smear. I love using vitamin e because a little goes a long way. I buy this $2 bottle like once or twice a year. (I couldn’t find this product on amazon however, I purchase mine at Family Dollar)

BAM, there you have it. My skin care is super simple and to the point. I will exfoliate with apricot scrub may once every two weeks or just when I feel like I need it. I very seldom do face mask, I personally try not to put a lot of products on my face due to having sensitive skin. I have also noticed that for me, the more products that I use the more prone I am to break outs.

What does your skin care routine consist of? Do you prefer short and sweet? Do you like the drawn out more intense?

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