How To Live Your Best Life This Summer

Summer is quickly approaching and everyone is gearing up to have the time of their lives. The hot sizzling sun, pool parties, ice cream, and showing off that body your worked hard for all winter (or not) is a vibe that we can all agree that we love. From my research, we all are hoping that Summer 2019 is equivalent to the shenanigans we all somehow participated in back in 2016. That was a summer for the books and as we slide on our sandals to hit the beaches, I have a list of 10 ways to make sure that you are living your best life this season.

Stay away from relationships


I say this jokingly (kinda). Relationships are great, especially if they are healthy. I am not saying that you can’t live your best life this summer if you are in one because who doesn’t like to be boo’d up? All I am saying is don’t put so much emphasis on trying to get into one or chasing after people if you are single. Leave that drama behind and focus on bettering yourself and maybe once cuffing season in the fall approaches, you can get cozy with someone you met at a pool party.

Plan a trip even if its a staycation

A vacation is a must. If you can't afford to go somewhere far, just get a hotel or AirBnb in your area for a night. Make it feel like a vacation and enjoy yourself.


Meet up with friends or make new friends

We all can get caught up in our adult lives but it’s important to set aside some time for your friends. Social media is a great tool to use to make new friends and not just flexing *gasp*. So meet up with that person you basically feel like you know but have never meet offline. You guys may become the best of friends.  

Get active

Physical activity is great anytime of the year and can truly help boost your mood. Just imagine how confident you’ll feel in your swimsuit this year when you know you’ve been putting in work at the gym. If working out at the gym isn't your thing, go on a bike ride or grab some friends and go hiking. Just get out there and soak up all the vitamin d that you can.  

Be intentional

You can't just say you want to live your best life, you need to act on it. When you are making decisions you need to be intentional with your choices. Set goals, make a bucket list and act on it!

Practice self love daily


I always say, do something everyday that you won't regret. Grab a book, put on a face mask, just lay in the bed and look at the fan, whatever makes your happy, do it.

Express Gratitude

There's so much in this world that we can be grateful for. Expressing how thankful you are for those things helps to shift your mindset to a fulfilled one and raises your positive vibration.

Watch your environment

Clean out everything! Spring clean your friends, family, house and car. Make sure that you are surrounded by fun loving people and that your home promotes positive vibes. Also, watch out of the activities you partake in and the media you watch.

Set a bucket list

This is simple. Make a list of all the things that you want to do this summer and start crossing things off!

Just have fun


Again, simple. Don't overthink it or put too much pressure on yourself. Stop comparing what you are doing to what everyone else is and enjoy the journey. Don't just go somewhere or do something so that you can post about it, be intentional and do things that truly align with you.