Moms are Superheros: A Message to All the Moms

Growing up, I remember very vividly my Mother telling me that no matter how hard you try to plan for a child or how much money you have, absolutely no one is ever ready to have a baby. I didn't quite understand what she meant back then. However, I quickly found her warning message to be truthful when I embarked on my journey of motherhood. The responsibility that it takes to take care of another human being is surreal. That sounds silly to say but your life transitions drastically and it's something you may think you’re ready for but you’re not. You want to go to the store? Well that’s going to take an hour to prepare to do. You have to make sure the baby is fed, changed, you have on pants, a real bra, the baby needs to be changed again, you might want to brush your teeth, and now the baby is hungry once more. Before you know it, the day is over and you never made it to the store.

Motherhood is tough but so joyful at the same time. There’s so much that you do as mother but yet you always wish you could do more. I am here to let you know, that you aren't a bad mom and that I appreciate you. We all have high expectations for ourselves and especially when it comes to how we wish to raise our children but honestly, nobody's perfect. You are going to yell, you’re going to be tired, you’ll forget to pack wipes, your kid will have tantrums but at the end of the day they will always love you.

Moms are superheros and without them we wouldn’t be us. They clothe us, feed us, play, and provide safety. They teach us how to walk, they cheer us on at our events, and give us extra love on bad days. They do all of this while (trying) to maintain their sanity levels and keep up with work, relationships, and self care (lol).

Motherhood is something that is so easy to get lost in. If you aren’t mindful you can become wildly entangled in making your life entirely about another person. It’s not always a bad thing but, Moms are people too. Never feel guilty for taking some me time or hanging out with friends. Between giving your body to someone else for 9 months, no sleep for the rest of life it seems, and cuddles galore, it is easy to lose yourself. I hope that this Mother’s day grants you the opportunity to see how much your efforts are appreciated and you get some rest.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there, you’re the best.