RIP Nipsey Hussle: What will your legacy be?

Nipsey Hussle, a rapper, activist, father, son, lover, and many other things, tragically had his life taken March 31st, 2019. His passing has shut down the internet for the last week and has inspired many across the world. He left behind a beautiful family and strengthening words.

As this is a sensitive topic, I send out my deepest condolences to Nipsey’s friends and family.

His passing has opened the eyes of many on a spiritual level it seems. People have been moved incredibly by his story. I think it is because Nip was relatable ; black men could see themselves in him. He was a man who actually made it out and was in the process of giving back everything to his community. His death personally has struck me in a weird way. I was never a Nipsey Hussle fan but, I have felt myself deeply mourning this loss. He had a mission on this earth and to be honest, I think he accomplished it. Though he may not have physically finished everything he wanted to do and create, look at what he done to us. Look at how his death has sparked a spiritual uproar amongst us all. People everywhere are waking up in light of this tragedy. We’re replaying his interviews and hearing his words louder and more clear than ever. I felt there was a slight spiritual shift after the death of rapper, Mac Miller and people heavily mourned his death also. However, Nipsey’s death seems to be serving as huge shove to truly put this shift in full motion. Both of these incredible artist have pushed us to see the bigger picture in life.  

Like most, I am trying to piece together everything and better understand the situation. How can people be so cruel and heartless? I am finding myself asking the question, what will my legacy be? What can I do to help uplift and inspire those around me? Listening to Hussle’s old interviews, I realized that he was speaking and living his life very much in alignment to the way I wish to live my own. His intentions were to better those around him and had a desire to help others succeed. Motivation is a simple term to describe how he has shifted my thoughts even more to work hard towards my goals. Hussle and Motivate is now a quote that I will live by because that’s exactly what he did.

The passing of this phenomenal artist has people getting permanent tattoos, putting up beautiful murals, holding vigils across the country, and many other things to show respects for his life. I am thankful for the impact that he has had on our society and that he has managed to open the eyes of many. I’m intrigued to see the drastic changes that people will make in their lives and how others plan to continue his legacy. In this BET article, you will see that his parents state that he was an angel sent by god to send us a message. I wholeheartedly believe that to be valid due to how spiritually moved I feel by his death. Though his life seems like it was cut short and people are hurting, there is a reason. His legacy will always live on through his children, friends and family. I pray that we all can find peace in his passing and use it to continue to uplift our peers.

Do something everyday to make your tomorrow better. Nothing is ever promised. Work hard everyday and always be proud of yourself.