My Experience with Mirena IUD

Birth control is something that many women use or experience at one point in there lives. You either have a great experience or traumatic. People often complain about the negative side effects that they experience when using different forms. Ladies are expected to be on birth control with little to no guidance from their primary doctors. You basically choose a birth control that sound good to you, show your doctor and boom, you're good to go. There aren't really any test that are given to make sure that the birth control is the right fit for you. If anything, you are given a slight talk by a nurse and handed a brochure.

I was not on birth control for a few years but after I had my daughter that seemed to be the topic of most conversations. I didn't realize how bad my experience was with birth control until I got off of it and life seemed so much better. I was happier, I didn't have migraines anymore, and best of all I lost weight! With this previous knowledge and the thoughts of how unnatural stopping your period for months at a time was, I didn't really want to dabble in contraceptives, at first.

I breastfeed my daughter for the first few months of her life. Around month six, I got my first period after giving birth and I honestly thought I was dying. The cramps I felt were equivalent to early labor pains and my cycle was way heavier than before. Also the thought of having another child was sickening so I went running to the OBGYN.

Before I arrived, I knew I didn't want to take a pill due to my inability to remember to take it. I knew depo and nexplanon were far out of the picture due to the terrible reviews my friends gave it. That left me with the choice of an IUD. I did not know much about IUD but my nurse sold me on Mirena. No painful periods, no metal, and no babies for 5 years?! I was ready to get the t shaped thing inserted ASAP.

I was nervous about having my Mirena placed but it was not a bad experience. It took around 10 mins for th entire procedure and was not painful in the slightest. I have heard that it is not as painful for women who have had children. The part that hurt was shortly after insertion. The nurses advise you to take pain killers but for me even that didn't help. I ended up in bed for 2 days after the procedure. The cramps were honestly unbearable and they continued for the first few months.

After Mirena, I bleed for the first fourish months. After that calm down, I still got my period for the next 3 months but it was very regular. However, those period were tortuous. I mean, cramps that crippled me and the three days during my cycle I was unable to do anything. Randomly, they stopped and I have had one for the last 4 months (FANTASTIC). The biggest part that I was nervous about is having sex while using this birth control. Personally, it has not caused any problems. At first, things were a little more painful but as time went on things got better.

Overall, I really like my Mirena. I think that it is perfect for my lifestyle. I am little nervous about leaving it in for 5 years as I feel like that is a really long time to not have a period but for right now it is working out for me. I am writing this post because I felt like there was not much information out there in the world when I was searching for it. I hope this helps on your birth control journey!