April You Taught Me A Lot

Is it just me or are you equally shakened that the month of April is already over? I am unsure where the time has gone this month but it seems like I have been playing catch up in all areas of my life. Going into this month, I was extremely optimistic about things and had numerous goals set. If you read my post at the beginning of April,  I go on to talk about how I prepare for each new month. If you haven't read it, you can check it out here.

I am really proud of myself as the last four weeks comes to a close. Though this month flew right past me, I accomplished all of my goals except one. I am shocked to see this because I feel like I have just been floating through the days. April was my month to refocus and get clear on things. The beginning of this year has been rough on me but, my spirits feel a lot higher as this period comes to a close.

Reflecting is always an important thing to do because we can get so caught up in what’s next that we forget to appreciate the things we have done. I am learning how to be grateful for all of the little things in life and I feel like this is a good point to reflect back on the lessons that I learned in the previous weeks.

A lot happened this month and as I stated, I can feel the negative cycles ending. The universe confirmed it this morning when I walked past the beautiful snowball bush and saw that the blooms are dead and gone (see this post) .

Learn how to harness time

April was a month that I allowed myself to waste so much of my time. Productivity is key and this month I allowed myself to slack, a lot. Scrolling away on my phone was my favorite thing to do. I know that in order to accomplish my goals, I need to appreciate every second and use it to my advantage. You can't complain about not having enough time or not being where you want to be when you just let time pass you by like it’s nothing.

The people closest to you will probably support you the least

This is a lesson that I didn't want to believe or accept for years. I have been shown this time and time again but this month it truly set in. I accomplished a huge goal in April and when I shared it with others and I definitely didn't get the response I expected. My feelings were hurt by the negative comments and emotions because I worked so hard to reach this point. However, I have accepted that the people closest to you will be the first to pray on your downfall. I have so many people that I hardly know on my side and rooting for me and you guys are the reason that I keep going and chasing my dreams.

Downtime is okay

I tend to get caught up in being overly productive and reaching goals and it leads me to pure exhaustion. While it is important to keep moving, I personally need to learn how to appreciate a lazy Sunday. Sitting still is something that I struggle with and even when I do I cause myself so much anxiety because I think of all the things I could be doing. Down time isn't something that I get frequently but it’s needed so one can regroup. Listening to the birds chirping or the wind blowing are calming things that I often miss out on because I let my mind race around negative thoughts about not being productive. One of my favorite things to do is take naps in the spring with the windows up and letting in refreshing cool spring air. I haven't allowed myself the luxury of my favorite spring nap because of the fear of not being successful. This month has taught me that being this way is forcing me to think out of a lack mindset instead of an abundance mindset. Not to say that I have all the time in the world but that I am doing well enough to afford a nap when I am exhausted.

Matcha is addicting

I tried a Matcha Green Tea Latte from Starbucks and they’re amazing. The other great thing about them is that they are on the cheaper side of things at Starbucks (if you can even put cheap and Starbucks into the same sentence). I get a venti, ice matcha, sub almond milk, and 2 pumps of sugar free vanilla. It’s amazing.

April coming to a close is an exciting time for me because that means summer is in arms reach. Summer is my favorite time of the year and when I feel the most alive. I am looking forward to all the adventures I’ll be taking and memories to be made. As I stated, I feel cycles coming to a close for me and like I am on the brink of large manifestations that I have been patiently stirring up for some time now. I hope that the rest of your April days are filled with peace and that May brings you many blessings.

What did April teach you?