How To Stop Avoiding The Things That You Need To Do

Procrastination is a flaw that majority of the world can say they are affected by. Putting things off until the last minute can lead to high levels of stress, missing out on important opportunities, and huge disappointments. I know for me personally, I always put things off. I like to say that it's my favorite form of self sabotage. The things we don't do are typically the things that would help us reach all of our goals.

It’s time to stop avoiding the task that you need to do. Quit self sabotaging yourself and follow these tips to get stuff done!

Do things in short time increments

It’s easier to complete a task when you set aside smaller amounts of time to do it.  For example, instead of trying to fold all your laundry at once, fold for 15 minutes and then switch to a different task for 15 minutes then come back to the laundry until you are all finished. I hate folding clothes and I find that switching between this and another task that I dislike doing motivates me to push through until it’s finished.

Make a to-do list for each task

To-Do list are like promises to yourself and they hold you accountable. If you respect yourself, you wont allow yourself to break a personal promise. Instead of overwhelming yourself and putting ALL that you need to do on one list, break it down by task. This will take away the anxiety that one could feel by seeing a large list of things to do. Your daily to-do list should consist of things that must be done that day.

Find out why you need to do something

Okay, if you are anything like me, you may find yourself creating random pointless task. I will make a super long list and stress out about random things that I never check off because I simply just made it up to keep myself busy. If you are finding this to be your situation, always go through you list and reevaluate the items that never seem to go away. More than likely they aren't important task that you really need to do.

Pay attention to what you are doing instead

When you have something extremely important to do but you aren't doing, pay attention to why. Where are you putting your energy into instead? Scrolling on your phone? Watching TV? Cleaning random items in your room? This will help you pick up on your habits and you can then make goals to avoid those habits. Doing this will help promote productivity and create better lifestyle habits. Trust me, I know I have scrolled on my phone for hours to avoid typing a paper.

Breaking the bad habit of avoiding task that must be done is mainly a mental thing. You must be self aware of what you are and aren't doing to keep yourself focused. If you are unsure why things never get done, that means that you should do some self reflection. Success doesn't come easy nor does it come from procrastination.

What are some self sabotage habits that you have to avoid task?