How To Shred For Summer

Fitspo people all over spammed the internet stating they are getting ready to start their summer shred. You may be asking what exactly this means and how exactly you do it. A summer shred is pretty much just that. It’s a time where you start cutting down excess body fat that you put on during the winter. There are right and wrong ways to go about cutting. The main goal is to maintain your muscle mass while cutting out the extra fluff you acquired.

Lower Caloric Intake

In order to have a successful cut, you need to lower the amount of calories that you are eating. Some people suggest skipping out on breakfast and following more of an intermittent fasting approach. This is something that you may have to tweak a little to find what works best for you.

Drink tons of water

This is a major key. You want to make sure that your body stays hydrated so that it can function properly and efficiently.

Cut out starchy carbs

I mean this is basic. In the winter months you may have been doubling up on the rice and potatoes but if you want abs for your trip this summer… gotta say bye bye.


Again, you need to make sure that you are allowing your body to be at its highest potential. 8 hours of sleep everyday should be the goal. Without giving your body the appropriate time to rest, you're not allowing it to heal and recover.

High protein and leafy greens

You should aim to have 1g of protein per pound (there are many views on this so research for yourself). You need to clean out your diet and make sure to have multiple high protein meals. Include broccoli, spinach, and kale in your meals also.

Stay consistent

The first two weeks of your cut are the most vital. Once you get past the first two weeks, it’ll be easy. Figure out your why and push yourself through. Once you start seeing results you’ll be overly proud.

Cut cheat meals

Cheat meals are necessary. We all love a good slice of pizza or even a bowl of ice cream. This isn't to say that you can't have these items but instead of eating them once a week, have a cheat meal once every two weeks. The day that you indulge, make it a day where you can eat anything your heart desires. However, on this cheat day make sure to lift  HEAVY

Lift to get strong

You want to maintain your muscle mass even though you are eating for fat loss. This means that you need to lift HEAVY. Try to keep your reps in the 8-15 bracket. For arms I aim for 12 and for legs I personally aim for 8. Push yourself.

4-6 minute finisher at the end of your workout

At the end of every workout, you want to exhaust yourself. Do 4-6 minutes of HIIT style training. You want to get that heart rate up in efforts to burn even more fat.

I hope you take these things into consideration when embarking on your summer shred journey. Stay motivated and consistent and you will be well on your way to your dream body. If you are new to the gym and just need help getting started be sure to check out my workout and nutrition guide.

Happy Shredding!