Show Your Inner Self Some Love

Sometimes I write things and I realize that I am just not ready to share. Writing is such a spiritual and deep thing to me. I write from my soul or whatever is heavy on my mind. Reading my blog, you are reading words that may have never even departed from my mouth. You are experiencing my thoughts that have manifested into things, words. A soulful adventure with  a deep part of me; a part that no one else but me can hear until you read it. I think that’s why I have such a love for writing and reading. It’s just such a precious process that people often take for granted.

I am able to share more of myself through my writing, so much more than I could by speaking. The art world is a beautiful place, being able to create is a blessing. We harness so much power in our minds. We can build, destroy, and rebuild different stories and realities in our heads. The true beauty behind it is the fact that no one gets to witness this magic unless you decide to share it, your thoughts are your own. Harry Potter was manifested because of the authors ability to turn her imagination in beautiful flowing words that captured audiences far and wide.

I woke up today with just an unwavering deep sense of gratitude. I am thankful for my ability to put my words on paper and share some of my most vulnerable thoughts. The gratitude that I feel for the people who come to my blog weekly to share in these words with me is beyond me. I love that I am conscious enough to know what sits with my spirit and what does not. The most important thing in life that you can do is, check in with yourself. Stop doing things that do not serve you or if you feel forced to do them. Just because I create a post and have it on my calendar, if it is not sitting right with me my inner being is saying to tread carefully.

You need to learn how to acknowledge this inner power that you have and let it guide you through life. Listen to your gut always. I have strange intuitive power I believe. I have predicted things that I shouldn’t of known and I have found things by simply following my inner voice. I appreciate and take care of my intuition. I never ignore it and so it guides me in positive way. Take care of yours and express your gratitude for it and see how far it will lead you. Open your heart to love and you are opening your heart to life.