How To Prepare For A New Month

I have a very precise regimen that I follow when a month closes and new one begins. I have found that following this routine has helped me achieve more success that I could imagine. It should me that the little things that you do everyday help you reach your biggest goals.

The start of a new month is always extremely exciting to me. It’s like a breath of fresh air to know that I get a new start, especially if things the month prior did not go as planned. I believe that it’s a great time to realign yourself, set goals, and let go of the past. If you want to start achieving more each month just keep reading!

1.Decorate my planner

I am a bullet journaler. I love keeping this kind of planner as it allows me to express some pent up creativity each month. I find that I get caught up in my everyday life and don’t have much time to create throughout the weeks. So I like to take my time in creating some pretty pages.

2. Organize and reevaluate

Looking back at the month prior and preparing for the new month are keys to success. It’s important to familiarize yourself with all the things you have coming up in the weeks ahead; events, paychecks, bills, birthdays, etc. Along with this, I like to look back at my previous goals to see what goals I achieved and what habits I kept. Doing this allows me to plan the new month accordingly.

3. Cleanse

Things get hectic for me throughout the month and usually my room shows that. I enjoy spending one day over the weekend to deep clean my bedroom and put things back where they go. I sage my crystals and the rest of my bedroom to help reset the energy and vibes. I find that by doing this it really helps me to recenter at the start of every month and have some clear head space.

3. Reflect and express gratitude

Once I go through my goals and habit trackers, I also like to sort through my journal. I think back about my previous month and all the things I did well and what I need to work on. I then proceed to write a reflection entry in my journal about how I felt the previous month and what I am looking forward to in the new month. This is a time when I look at my end of the year goals as well and see if they still align and proceed to plan my monthly and weekly goals accordingly.

New months are a precious time for me. The biggest thing that you should always do is express gratitude for the month prior. We often get so caught up in our lives that we lose sight of the bigger picture. I have a deep gratitude for every new month that I get to experience and all the new adventures, success, and trials that they bring. I wish you nothing but the best success as this new month begins!