How 30 Seconds Will Change Your Life

So the other day, I am at work heating up my oatmeal. I don't like my oatmeal super oatmealey so I only eat it lukewarm. I place it in the microwave for one minute and pull it out to find my blueberries still frozen. Baffled, I put it back in for only 30 seconds…the microwave beeps and I pull the door ajar to find my oats pouring out of the bowl and scolding hot. This brought it to my attention how 30 seconds can make a huge impact, not only in oatmeal but in your life.

30 seconds can truly determine life or death. It’s a small increment of time but, could have ever lasting impacts. Looking at your phone for 30 seconds while driving could land you in the bumper of the car ahead. 30 seconds of a HIIT exercise will leave you out of breath and panting. It’s something that we often overlook because it’s only 30 seconds.

Imagine how much your life could change if you begin to value you those 30 seconds. If you took 30 seconds to calm down before aggressively replying to someone's snarky comments. Spent 30 seconds appreciating yourself by speaking loving affirmations or just spending 30 seconds doing something productive overall. It would change your life drastically.

People often ask me how to manifest or how to find inner peace. I didn't have the answer to this question until my ruined breakfast. To get what you want in life, it is all about finding the value in 30 seconds. Only allowing yourself 30 seconds to do something or to not do something. We do these things anyway but are not mindful of it. We make quick decisions all day without a second thought but, imagine if you were conscious of what decisions you are actually making and granting yourself more time do so?

I know a lot of you are like, “omg kmac, 30 seconds is not going to change my life.” But I promise it will, try it. See how many conflicts you avoid by allowing yourself 30 seconds to think before reacting, how much oatmeal you won't ruin by assuming 30 seconds isn't too long, or how much better you will feel if you take 30 seconds out of your day and fill yourself with affirmations of love.

In life, it's not always about the big things. The little things that we do everyday lead us down the path to the large items that we want to achieve. Learning how to see the bigger picture by focusing on the miniscule things is how you manifest success. Every decision that we make has its consequence. With that being said, remain mindful about how you treat your 30 seconds and watch your life change drastically.