Vegetarians workout? A glance at what I eat in a day!

People are often amazed that I have built my body whilst being a vegetarian. In the American society, we have this large belief that you have to eat tons of meat to get protein. If you don't eat meat, it’s assumed that you are going to be this stick skinny person with matted hair. I am a prime example that’s obviously not true. With working out and keeping my diet fully plant based for over a year, I have put on tons of lean muscle mass. I get asked frequently via Instagram what my diet looks like so I figured I’d give a run down of my day. Keep in mind that this diet is for me and my body. Everyone's body is different and while you can take ideas from this post, always check with your doctor before making serious dietary changes.


Typically for breakfast I eat the same thing unless I am feeling fancy. I eat around 10 am because it actually makes me feel gross to eat any earlier.

  • Oatmeal is my go to. Fun fact, I actually hate oatmeal but I eat it anyways. I prefer to do the quick oats and not the flavored packets. I usually add some fruit and then either peanut butter or cookie butter (if you haven't tried it yet….you're missing out!)

  • Fruit bowl (blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries).


Eating snacks is something that keeps me going throughout the day.

  • Unsalted pretzels dipped in peanut butter


Lunch is something that allows me some wiggle room depending on what workout I am doing after work. I may have a heavy carb day or no carbs just depending.

  • Roasted veggies with rice is what I had today. Roasted veggies are my go to right now. I love to season them with garlic and pepper. I roast an assortment of vegetables but brocoli is ALWAYS included. Then once its heated up I add the tiniest amount of soy sauce and we are good to go.

Snack #2:

To be quite honest, this one is a hit or miss for me depending on how late I eat lunch.

  • Cup of carrots.  


This is the hardest meal of the day for some reason. I eat once I leave the gym but once we get home things get kind of hectic with mom life. I prefer to meal prep so that I can just grab my food out the fridge and eat while we finish our bedtime routine.

  • Protein smoothie with 40g of protein before leaving the gym. Once I arrive home I had a veggie burger without a bun, side of avocado and a spinach salad.

The thing that I am learning about fitness and healthy living is finding what works best for you. I understand the need for guidance to get started but you can't copy exactly what someone else is doing to get the body you desire. When picking my meals, I am mindful about what I put into my body. Since being vegetarian, I do feel a huge difference on the random day I eat pizza versus eating whole foods. Eating healthy shouldn't be a stressful thing, it should make you happy to nourish your body (the only one you have) with the best foods there are.

What’s  your go to meal of choice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?