Stop wasting your life

Our twenties are supposed to be fun and exciting. It’s a time where you may not have nearly as many life restricting responsibilities. Parties are endless, relationships are for fun, and your job is easy (if you have one). In our society, twenty somethings are looked at as young, free, and careless. In my last post, I stated how we are often told that we have time to figure out this game of life. The thing is, all of that is wrong. While yes, in our twenties we may have a lot more freedom than a 40 year old but, that doesn't mean that we should be living our lives without intention.

If you want to be successful in your thirties you need to start building the foundation now. So many people overlook this concept, heck even I did. You think that you have all the time in the world but thirty is right around the corner. I am not saying that means live a boring life and stop hanging out with friends etc. I mean get serious about your shit simply put. Stop wasting your time with temporary people and doing temporary things.

At this point in my life, it is almost cringey to see the same people out every weekend posting how drunk they are on their stories. Social drinking and catching up with friends is nice. However, at 25 why are you still blacked out every weekend working at the random job that has nothing to do with the career you wish to have? It makes no sense but it is seen as the norm. Keep in mind though, being normal has never gotten anyone too far.

As I always say we are reaping the fruits of yesterday's hard work. Twenty Somethings can't expect to wake up at thirty with everything all figured out for them. The relationship of your dreams isn't going to come when you are just casually hooking up and neither will the money. Be intentional with all your relationships.I know that’s something that’s hard to fathom as we are in the midst of hookup culture and being faithful isn’t really cool. Pay attention to the people you are surrounding yourself by because more than likely you are just like them. If you wish to live a fulfilled life in your thirties and forties….you HAVE to do the groundwork now.

Experience life but make sure that things are purposeful. Get surrounded by people who are motivating and acting with intention. It’s so hard for me to watch my friends with so much to offer the world waste their lives away at bars every weekend. If you want success don't wait until thirty to try to achieve it.