Be careful who you meet.


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“You gotta be careful with who you meet during the lowest and the highest points of your life,” I said via twitter and safe to say a lot of y’all FELT THAT! I have found that life is a series of ups and downs; it’s a roller coaster. A wooden roller coaster to be exact; that may or may not have seatbelts. One where you are being jolted around and feeling every turn and corner. There are fun parts in the ride but when you hit that hard corner….you feel it.

People have this funny way of clinging to others in hopes of finding help but, in reality we should be clinging to ourselves. One of the hardest lessons I had to learn was that no one else can save you, you have to save yourself. This is your life and your choices.

Have you noticed that when you are happy there seems to be an abundant amount of individuals who love you and want to be your friend but, as soon as one thing goes astray those “friends” are nowhere to be found? I myself have been in that situation. I felt disappointed by the fact that the friends I made during the best times of my life left me stranded during my break downs. I was left alone to cry and deal with the drama of my life. Well, that was until someone else found me and fed on my vulnerability. That’s why I say you have to be careful who you meet during the hard times as well. Believe it or not there are people who actually wait for someone to fall and then they pounce like a tiger.  

This isn’t to say that everyone you meet throughout the course of your life is a bad person but, to just be mindful about the people you meet and the purpose they are to serve in your life. You don't want to put your all into a person who is just going to disappear if things get tough. You definitely don’t want to put your faith in someone who only likes you when you are down. We like to set expectations for people and when they don’t live up to said expectations we have created, boy are we disappointed. That’s a topic for another day though.

The people you meet during your lows want you to stay there because more than likely they are there themselves. They are feeding off your sadness like a vampire. You are giving them the juice that they need to keep living a sad and miserable life. If you keep listening to these people that’s exactly what you will experience, a sad and miserable life. The good thing about the people you meet during the highs is that at least they are happy people. They are enjoying you do great things and may even motivate you to be better. You should be wary of the clout chasers though. The people who are only befriending you in order to boost their status. The happy people may be your friend until the next best thing comes around and then you are left...friendless. There are both good and bad with each group. If you are like me you prefer to only have a genuine friends in your circle. The question that I still need an answer to is how to tell if someone is authentic, a sadness vampire, or happiness clout chaser. All I know is that I want to provide others with a genuine friendship and be loyal to them. That’s all we can do and hope for the best. What you put out you get back.


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I am not writing this blog post to say that all people are evil and everyone has ill intentions. I am writing it today because like I said you guys seemed like you could relate. Maybe you had an experience with this yourself? Maybe you just retweeted it because you saw so many others do it. Idk. What do you think about this topic? Be sure to connect with me and let me know!