Want to be fit?

Starting your fitness journey is something that seems nearly impossible to do when you have no idea where to start. Walking into a gym full of pumped up sweaty men and half naked girls taking selfies showing of their abs is intimidating. There are an abundance of machines that will have you saying wtf. You’ll ask yourself how you run on a treadmill without dying.

I work at the gym I go to, know majority of the members AND I have been working out for quite awhile. Despite all of that, gym anxiety is something that even I still feel. So yes, everyone is worried about what others are thinking of them. No, no one is truly looking at you or judging you while you try to lift that 5lb weight like the girl you saw on Instagram. Most people are too caught up in themselves at the gym wondering if they are looking stupid to pay attention to what you are doing.

Fitness is one of the best things that I could’ve pursued. It has taught me two very strong characteristics, self-discipline and consistency. Those traits have leaked out into almost all other aspects of my life (besides waking up at 5am...still working on that). Working out has not only guided me in building a strong physique but, it has helped me build a powerful mind. Most people go to the gym to lose weight, build a Instagram worthy booty, or maybe even get some abs. Majority of people fail at reaching those goals due to lack of discipline and consistency. Building the body of your dreams is far more than your diet and the actual workouts that you do. The stronger your mental, the strong your bod.  

Human bodies are mightier  than we give them credit for. You are far stronger than you know. During your exercise, your mind will tell you to quit way before your body is exhausted. You’ll tell yourself that the weight is too heavy or that if you don't stop running your going to have a heart attack. You have to train your mind to stop those thoughts. To keep pushing even though your heart feels like it's going to explode at any given moment. You have to train yourself to say affirmations like I am strong. I am powerful, this is easy, I am not dying. That’s literally what I say throughout the entirety of my workouts. Your mind will talk you out of going to the gym. It just doesn't want to see you win.

It's not that you can’t do it. Your brain just doesn't want you to do it. We like to stay in a comforted spot. Anything that causes pain or makes us feel uncomfortable, our subconscious is going to urge us to stop immediately. It doesn't see the logic in doing things that may potentially hurts us and that’s in all areas of life. Your subconscious will make you believe things that aren't true and come up with a million excuses as to why something is a bad idea. This is the beauty in working out, you begin to break this cycle. It teaches you how to transform your thoughts and actually see change. Now, it won't happen immediately. This is the part where consistency plays a major role. If you make a routine and stick to it daily you mind will begin to shift and start to accept the fact that at 5pm, everyday, after work you are going to the gym. If you stay consistent I am positive that you will see changes in all areas of your life.  

As I stated before, I know the gym is a scary place especially if you are unfamiliar. Fun fact, most people who are in the gym would honestly feel flattered if a newbie asked them to show them the ropes. You would make them feel validated in their workouts and help boost their confidence while they help you build yours. Don't be afraid to reach out and ask someone for help. Even the gym employees are there to answer your questions. If that is still too scary for you, they have personal trainers that can work with you one on one. At the end of the day, everyone is there for the same reason….to workout. Don’t feel overwhelmed because you don't look like the person next to you, we all have to start somewhere. Look at the people around you as motivation instead of shaming yourself…..self love is major.  

The most common question that I get in my inbox is how I do it or what I do. Honestly, I just do it. Even on the days that I don’t feel like going, I go. When I am there I put all the emotions that I am feeling about being there aside and focus on the task at hand. Sometimes my mind wins but most days I push it through. I look at it as just one hour of the day that will bring me closer to my goal. One hour that will make me feel confident this summer when I have to bring out my swimsuit. I keep in mind that we are reaping the fruits today of yesterday's work. I know that I will not accomplish my goals unless I do the small stuff everyday. I have surprisingly gotten to the point where I love working out. I love challenging my mind and seeing just how strong I truly am mentally. If you can overcome the doubt you feel when you lift up the 30 pound dumbbell to do bicep curls, you can do anything.

In the end, the ability to workout is a pleasantry that some never get to experience in their lives. To be in a body that moves and functions well enough to lift weights is a blessing. You should want to take the best care of your beautiful vessel as it’s the only one you get in this lifetime. Get over your fears and hit the weights. Once you see how rewarding it is mentally and physically, you’ll fall in love.