I refuse to continue to just get by...


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I know that I cannot be alone in feeling how detrimental work is to my life. The idea of working for someone else and not following my dreams makes me sick. I love having my own freedom, I blame the gemini in me. The idea of getting up every. single. day. to go to the same job and do the same exact thing….everyday...I just cannot fathom the thought. I have tried to understand and conform to society's idea of getting a career and going to an office everyday blah blah blah, but honestly I know that does not make me happy (unless it’s my own office where I get to create all day).

To think that there are people who have done the same job, 5 days a week, for 20+ years, is baffling to me. I just feel like so much of your life is wasted doing a job that isn’t your passion. Now, this blog post isn’t about people who love their jobs. This is geared towards people who are doing jobs just because. If you love being a nurse, plumber, or office assistant, that’s great. You can feel fulfilled in those positions. I am talking about the plumbers, nurses, and office assistants who are doing what they do just because they got hired and get a paycheck.

I have been wondering if it’s because I am a millennial and have a sense of entitlement like the older generations say or if I just have an extreme higher purpose. I haven’t quite figured out the answer to that question but when I do I will let you know.

A 9-5 job seemed ideal, until I started doing it. I learned by the 3rd day that it truly was not all it’s cracked up to be. Now, I understand the point of doing what you have to do to ensure stability for you and your family, but does that have to come at the price of being miserable 6 days out of the week? 6 days because on Sundays you probably spend the entire day dreading the work week. Below are the top three reasons why I refuse to just continue to get by. The reasons that motivate me to continue to chase my dreams. Maybe they will motivate you too.



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Granted, I am all for helping the collective but really...think about it. You are working everyday for a company or another person. You are probably there more frequently and they're the ones reaping the benefits. You are just sitting there trying to rack up vacation time so you can take that ONE Monday off. I’m sure your pay isn’t that bad and your job isn’t that difficult. I know that sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. However, that doesn't mean stop doing for yourself. We all fall a victim to this.Starting a business or brand is hard work but there is no reason why you should be scraping by and putting all of your time into someone else’s dreams. People are out here doing it. Your boss did it. It’s your turn. Make yourself rich in whatever way that may be.



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Think about how much time that you spend at a 9-5. Eight hours to be exact. Eight hours of your entire day. Eight hours away from your children. Eight hours of doing work for someone else. Eight whole freaking hours. A 9-5 is the entirety of your day. When you leave for work its early and by time you get home, cook dinner, workout, put the kids to bed, it’s dark and time to start over again tomorrow. There’s just hardly any time for YOU and that’s the most important person. Once life starts going, it’s hard to stop it. When is there time to chase your dreams? You’ve got to find the time and figure out a way.   



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When you are working just to get a paycheck, there is absolutely no freedom. You are a slave to the dollar. There is no passion in that.  Personally, I don’t want to be a slave to the man. Having a bad day? Welp, you can’t just up and leave when your heart desires. Spur of the moment vacation? Forget that because you have to put in a request that may or may not get approved. I want the freedom to be able to take my career with me wherever I go. I mean that literally. If I want to hop on the plane and go to Italy, I can. I also desire to control my task. Being stuck in a box has never been fun for me. Filing the same but different papers every day just isn't my steez.

I value my time. You should too. We act like time is infinite and though it may be in theory, it’s not when it comes to life. I don’t want all of my days to look the same, I refuse to live my life just doing what I have to do to get by. I want to live a fulfilled life that brings me joy everyday. A life where adventure can strike at any moment. I know all of this is easier said than done. I am not that naive. I am not going to quit my job just so I can feel free but I do know that I am not fulfilled. I have a long life ahead and I just know what I am doing now isn’t going to cut it. It is the way of society and I am sure it’s not something anyone would do if they didn't have too. I mean it's literally what we are told to do when we are children. With that being said, that doesn't mean you cannot break the code because you can. People have. So just continue to work hard, stay determined and get clear on what you want. Les Brown stated, that one should not spend so much time trying to figure out their passions. Instead, you should find something that you like to do and work towards it passionately.

What are your thoughts on a 9-5? Do you think I am just being a millennial or do you feel where I am coming from? Let me know!